The global outbreak of COVID-19, the novel (new) coronavirus is affecting communities around the world. Between anxiety-inducing headlines to travel restrictions and quarantines, it’s perfectly understandable to feel wary and stressed during this unprecedented global health crisis.

Here are a few ways to keep your stress level low:

PRACTICE SELF-CARE Your best defense against contracting the coronavirus is by keeping your hands washed and yourself away from those who are sick. But when it comes to easing your anxiety, prioritize self-care. Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night; eat plenty of veggies; exercise a minimum of 20 minutes per day; and practice mindfulness or meditation. When your body feels good, your mind will follow suit.

LIMIT YOUR MEDIA CONSUMPTION While it’s natural to want to keep tabs on breaking news, limiting the amount of media you consume each day will lower your stress level. Tracking updates related to COVID-19 from credible sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one thing. But getting caught up in social media threads muddled with “scientific” conspiracy theories is another – and the latter isn’t going to bring you much relief.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF Part of self-care is making time to do things that bring you joy. Focus on activities that make you forget where the time went. Get absorbed in journaling; classic movies; playing an instrument; pottery making – whatever does it for you. A good healthy distraction is strong medicine!

PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE While it’s important to take this global health crisis seriously, it’s equally imperative to think rationally. Scientists are working around the clock to create a vaccine and statistics show the spread of the disease is waning. Additionally, healthy adults under the age of 30 are among the lowest at-risk group for catching the coronavirus. Do your best to stay positive and don’t let COVID-19 dampen your dream of study abroad or your experience while abroad.Have more questions about COVID-19? Keep calm and read the facts!

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