Countries from around the world have begun to implement mandatory covering of the nose and mouth with a facemask or material. The intention is to use a face mask that does not take away from the already low medical market demand. By wearing a mask, you are adding another layer of protection that is meant to be combined with handwashing and hand sanitizing.


At Healthy Eco-Living, we have partnered with our sister company to manufacture and distribute Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that provides a barrier during the COVID-19 crisis. Along with our assurance of a product that offers protection, our goal has been to create a face mask that is affordable by the population at large. 


Who We Are:

With a track record of producing therapeutic athletic wear, it only makes sense to switch gears during the COVID-19 crisis and produce personal protective equipment (PPE) using our smart yard technology. Our yarn is produced by a world-leading textile producer, EMANA in Brazil. The yarn then lands at our partner manufacturing plant in Mexico where products are produced under NAFTA. The operation for the company is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Effective immediately, we have dedicated our manufacturing to produce face masks at a price point that is affordable to the consumer with 10% of our gross sales being used to give free facemasks and hand sanitizer to those in need and front line workers and their families. 



*Fully Rewashable – polyamide fibre is extra soft, durable, & easy to clean

*Guaranteed up to 30+ uses

*Made with Advanced Polyamide Yarn that provides bioceramic & mineral element built directly into the yarn, which can provide far‐infrared benefits to the wearer

*Advanced 6.6 polyamide with technological benefits built directly into the fabric

*Oekotex certification, meaning the yarn is free of any chemical treatments and is guaranteed to be non‐allergenic in contact with the skin


Technical specs on fabric weave density:

*1200 filaments / mm2

*PM1.67 rating 


If you are a commercial organization and wish to purchase wholesale, please contact us at for wholesale pricing information.




SKU: HECL009892
  • Your face mask is made with smart yarn. Woven into the yarn is ceramic crystals that need proper care.  After wearing your mask for the day, remove without touching the outside of the item (where germs and viruses may exist). Fold your mask inward, to trap dirt and potential hazards and wash by hand under warm to hot water. No soap is needed. Hang to dry.

    Please click here for more care information.


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